Sharing bikes, easy!

You wake up a little late but there aren't any bikes, so you walk hoping to find some station in the way that actually has one bike available. Does that ring any bell to you? With BikeShare! you can forget about all that troublesome stuff!

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  • Almost 100 public bike services including cities from 4 continents!
  • Useful widgets you can use for your favorite stations
  • You can switch between providers at will
  • Store your favorites and have quick access to them!
  • Supports Metric and Anglo-Saxon unit systems
  • Stunning holo look in Android
  • Pixel perfect and awesome iOS design
  • Translated into English and Spanish (more to come)


  • Android 2.2+ and iOS 6+
  • screenshot

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Australia: Citycycle (Brisbane), Melbourne

Austria: Wien

Belgium: Villo (Bruxelles)

Canada: Bixi (Montréal), BIXI (Toronto)

China: Hangzhou

France: Velib (Paris), Velo (Toulouse), Cristolib (Vauréal), Cyclic (Rouen), Velostanlib (Lorraine), Bicloo (Nantes), Velocite (Besançon), Mulhouse, Levelo (Marseille), Velam (Amens), Velov (Lyon).

Italy: Tobike (Torino), Bikemi (Milano), Roma bikesharing (Rome), Venice, Tugillionbike (Sestri Levante).

Ireland: Dublin.

Japan: Cyclocity (Toyama)

Luxembourg: Veloh

Mexico: Ecobici (México DF)

Norway: Bysykkel (Oslo)

Slovenia: Ljubljana

Spain: Valenbisi (Valencia), Sevici (Sevilla), Bizi (Zaragoza), Bicing (Barcelona), Tusbic (Santander), Girocleta (Girona), Palma, Bicileon (León), Albacete OnRoll (Albacete), ENbici (Montilla), Puertobike (Puertollano), Ciudad Real, Villaquilambre OnRoll (Villaquilambre), Cieza, San Pedro del Pinatar OnRoll (San Pedro del Pinatar), Almuñécar, Biciambiental (Las Palmas), Redondela, Badajoz, Soria, Salamanca, Bicielx (Elche), Villareal, Lalín, Aranda de Duero, A Rúa, Úbeda, Vía Verde (Lousame, Portosin, Noia, Porto do Son), Novelda, Aranjuez, Paiporta, Antequera, El Campello, Don Benito Villanueva, Puerto Lumbreras, San Javier, O Barco, Baeza OnRoll (Baeza), Pinto, Alhama de Murcia, Bicio (Segovia), Palencia, Blanca, Sant Joan, Guadalajara, Priego de Córdoba, Jaén, Universidad de Granada, Benidorm, Talavera, Mula, Vinaroz, Vigo

Sweden: Göteborg, SvD (Stockholm)

United Kingdom: Barclays (London)

United States: CapitalBikeShare (Washington DC), Decobike (Miami Beach FL), NiceRide (Minneapolis MN), Chicago IL, Denver CO, Des Moines IA, San Antonio TX, Chattanooga TN, Honolulu HI, Boulder CO.


What the others are saying

  • Very useful. And when I say very, I mean VERY. You just have to ask any Sevici user!
    - Javi
  • Much better than the official apps!
    - Joaquín
  • Good design and works good too. Very useful for knowing if there is any bikes in a station without having to actually get there.
    - Concha
  • Awesome with Sevici. In my home and work nearest stations works flawlessly. Very recommended.
    - Nacho

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